Viewers across the globe are cutting their cable cords and shifting to OTT for their entertainment needs. GCRE is following this shift, helping content producers deliver excellent shows and programs to viewers, and engaging larger audiences than ever before. 

Many are eager to learn more about commercial real estate opportunities but are not sure where to find the right resources. GCRE is your chance to lead that conversation, inspire investors and position yourself as a global expert.

We’re curating the best live shows and video-on-demand by teaming up with key content creators. Through our channel, new and seasoned commercial real estate enthusiasts and investors can access expert advice and market insights on their terms, from any OTT device.


GCRE is brought to you by global industry leaders who share their audience’s passion for commercial real estate.

Gavin Nathan, our Managing Partner and Co-Founder, is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, Chairman of Nathan Group Holdings, and owner and operator of investments in travel, private aviation, technology, fitness, and digital media advertising.

Joye Nelson is a former educator and our Managing Director and Co-Founder. She has over 27 years of experience connecting people to resources and relationships to optimize their success.

Our board of advisors is also made up of Greg Dickerson, an entrepreneur, real estate developer, coach, and mentor with a record of success in acquisition, development, and sales of over $250 million in real estate, and Moe Nawaz, a strategic advisor to FTSE 100 leaders. 

They are joined by Darlene Hart, founder of US Tax & Financial Services with clients around the world, and the UK leading property industry figure Michael Day, of Integra Property Services.

On our team, we also have our Director of Branding Sarah Gordon, along with Louise, our Marketing Manager genius and Executive Assitant, and Kushal Jha, Admin Support.

Joye Nelson

Managing Director / Co-Founder

Gavin Nathan

Managing Partner / Co-Founder

Sarah Gordon

Brand Director / Copywriter

Louisa Gudaitis

Marketing Manager & Exec Assistant

Kushal Jha

Office Manager

Greg Dickerson

Board Advisor/Mentor